RAX Application Platform v3.1

AuthorRAX Technologies
Release TypeStable
Release DateFebruary 8, 2021
Supported OSesWindows XP/7/8/10
Special Requirements
Times downloaded:957

RAX Application Platform is the common framework used by many of our applications.

There is typically no need to install the Platform by itself (it is automatically installed by every application that uses it), however it is being made available for those who may need to reinstall it to fix a problem or if they've accidentally removed it.

The Application Platform includes:

  • Engine - An AutoIt-based engine used to run various modules of our software. "The closest thing to building DLLs in AutoIt."
  • RAX Universal Tray - A shared tray icon used by our software for settings and alerts.
  • RAX Update Manager - A common software update system for our products.

  • RAX Revenue Generation Service - Software that uses your idle computing resources to subsidize the development of our software.
  • RAX Telemetry Agent - System information collection tool used to enhance our products.
  • ZeroPKI Certificates - Our CA certificates, needed to verify updates and other tamper-prone files signed by RAX.

Application Platform also has an "LE" (Lite Edition) variant, which includes only the Engine and Certificate Client. Applications built for the LE version are compatible with the full Platform offered here.

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