More About RAX

About RAX

RAX is a one-man operation. This page is written in first person as if it were a blog post because it makes the page far easier to understand.

The Goal of RAX
Originally, RAX was going to be dedicated purely to software downloads, but with so many those sites to go around though, RAX now deals in many areas of computers, including software development, website programming, and even hardware refurbishment (my equipment is sold on eBay as RaxTech2013).

About the Developer
AutoIt and PHP are my primary development languages. My primary reasons for choosing them are because both were easy to learn and use, and both have good documentation and plenty of examples. Most of my projects are created using one of those two (AutoIt on PC, PHP for web), although from time to time I do work with C++ (of which I know very little), DOS and Windows batch, and some Python. In the past, I've worked with QBASIC and a few other lesser known languages.

Origins of RAX
RAX isn't my first attempt at publishing software, or at running a website. In the past, I've published a few programs under the name "WOLS Technologies". The most notable of these was the AOL Removal Tool. It's the only legacy program from my early days that I still update and support. It sees several downloads every day and is widely listed on major software websites such as MajorGeeks and Softpedia.

The name RAX
The name comes from a personal project built for a friend. The original project was known as "RAXTION Network Manager". It was a custom DOS network client for running applications off network servers without needing any physical drives in the client PC. It booted via PXE. More on this app will be published in the Developer's Pet section at some point.

RAX isn't everything
Programming may be something I enjoy, but it's not my life. I'm currently working 2 jobs, so work takes precedence over my development work. Also, I have another hobby (sci-fi and conlangs, I'm a huge fan of James Cameron's Avatar).

If this website or the programs here don't see updates for extended periods, chances are it's because of a lack of time.