RGS Partner Program

Please be advised that this page serves as EARLY-RELEASE information only. It is not complete and is subject to change without notice. 

As we continue to develop and prepare to launch this new offering, a separate website will be set up for RGS and the Partner Program, This website will be made available in the coming months and will replace this page and the "Introducing RGS" page on the RAX Software website.

RAX Technologies will soon be offering a partner program for the Revenue Generation Service, allowing anyone who develops Windows software to easily monetize their software through crypto mining on spare CPUs. Our system focuses primarily on CPU-friendly currencies such as Monero, Aeon, and Electroneum, however it can be adapted to manage miners for other currencies upon request.

Members of the program get access to an admin console that lets them manage the miners on their user's computers, view their earnings, and cash out on demand.

There will be no cost to join or participate in the RGS Partner Program. RAX Technologies simply takes a percentage of your mined earnings as Administration Fees to cover the cost of the service. You earned nothing? You pay nothing. It's that simple. If you wish, you can request custom currencies for our system, however we will charge an increased admin fee percentage on these currencies to cover the cost of developing the required assignment management code. Details to be available at a later date.

Users interested in participating in our Alpha partner program may contact us at [email protected]. Users wishing to try the RGS miner for themselves can download the miner here.