Recent Changes

iGen was recently updated to improve performance.

These changes mostly impact users from the Learn Na'vi forums (Word of the Day function repaired), however we've also improved our anti-spam measures, cleaned up over 4000 spam accounts, and improved the handling of the twitter object. For issues or support, please email support@raxsoft.com

Welcome to iGen, a free image generator used to create changing graphics for your website or blog. The images you create with this tool can be used anywhere a normal image can appear. These images are a great promotional tool, a unique display for your social media pages, a creative addition to emails, an excellent forum signature, and more.

What is iGen?

  • iGen allows you to be the creator.
  • iGen provides a link to a customized image that can be displayed on almost any other system.
  • Create images that automatically update every time they are viewed.
  • Make images that display your twitter feed, a countdown timer, news and more with a single tool.

How to get started with iGen

  • Register for free with your email address, username, and password
  • Choose an image from the gallery or upload your own.
  • Choose the way you want to display your image.
  • Add your own content and save your image.
  • Use your image.
  • Tell your friends or advertise your product!

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