Beta Information


This application is BETA software. While in beta, this application is provided 'as-is' with NO GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND. Graphics created with this version tool may disappear, become corrupt, or otherwise stop working at any time without warning. It is advised that you not use any images produced by it in places where downtime is unacceptable.

The developer may not be held liable for any losses, damages (whether personal, physical, digital, monetary, or otherwise), or other consequences resulting from this program's failure to perform.

Thank you for your interest in iGen. The iGen system and related content are currently in development. This software is frequently being updated to accomodate new features, correct bugs, and enhance the user experience. Because this system is still in active development, this website is provided to you as a public Beta. By using the service, you understand that it may not work correctly or be available at times. If up time and stability are vital for your needs, we encourage you to check back later when development is completed.

If you have trouble while using the system and would like to report a bug, please email for assistance. Your bug reports help us provide a better service for everybody. Feature suggestions are also welcome.

For the interested, the main developer's dev notes are available as a text file. They can be found here.

v0.4.1 (C) 2018 RCT